FizzBuzz, what?

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FizzBuzz, what?

Post by jessica » Fri Sep 07, 2018 8:13 am

So I noticed you poking around here, checking out what this public function is all about, and you noticed all of the FizzBuzz examples lingering around? Well that is me testing my syntax highlighting code and since it has always been a game to try and generate a FizzBuzz in the smallest amount of code, in EVERY language (check out the FizzBuzz in CSS). If you would like to contribute to my FizzBuzz Game, post, apply and play... Its fun.

If you're unfamiliar with FizzBuzz, let me explain. FizzBuzz is a basic test to provide someone to test their ability to code in the language they are claiming. Default rules are, have your script loop from 1 to 100, on every 3, output Fizz, on every 5 output Buzz, on every 15v output FizzBuzz. Showing every number opposite to the words.

FizzBuzz can change in many different ways, 25 - 60, have Fizz on every 5, buzz on every 9 and FizzBuzz on every 13.

Another method is to have the candidate build a function where it can be passed arguments for the values specified.
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